There are many entrepreneurs with great ideas but due to the lack of financial experience, starting a successful business can be difficult.

Factors like:

  • choosing your company name,
  • the registration of your company
  • the statutory requirements
  • your responsibilities as employer and the
  • drawing up of Shareholders’ agreements,

to name only a few, are important aspects to consider before starting this journey.

Your mission, vision, goals and the feasibility of your idea also need to be considered.

When meeting with a client, one of our dedicated personnel will have a start-up consultation where all your questions can be answered and the necessary information can be collected to understand your financial position.

We can then help you set your goals and draw up a business plan to achieve this.

Our services include but are not confined to the following:

  • Registration of company as statutory required

  • Registration of all tax requirements such as PAYE, UIF, VAT

  • Drawing up of business plan

  • Draw up of financial models/feasibility studies for finance approval

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