Compliance Services

Supporting your business, supporting your growth

Spending too much time on bookkeeping?

Business owners try to deliver best-quality services and products, leaving them little time to maintain their finances and accounting.

The range of services that we offer will help you to increase the value of your business’ financial information and reduce the costs of functions that are not directly related to your business.

House of Growth can lessen your burden, by taking over your financial duties. Our innovative technology, will turn your financial data into information, that you as the business owner can use to make informed business decisions.

Outsource your accounting to a team of professionals that care about your business growth as much as you do.


If you find that aspects of your accounting are neglected, or that you could benefit from the professional expertise of accountants, then our accounting services can be the perfect choice for your business.

Monthly services include:


  1. Processing and allocation of bank transactions
  2. Reconciling of bank statements to ledgers
  3. Recording and processing of supplier invoices
  4. Reconciling supplier statements
  5. Processing accounting journal entries
  6. Maintain a fixed asset register and depreciation runs

Financial Statements:

  1. Compilation of annual financial statements
  2. Secretarial documents required by legislation

Statutory Returns:

  1. Workmen’s compensation calculation and submission
  2. CIPC annual returns submission
  3. SARS requirements

Solutions for your payroll all in one place.

Payroll Services

A business is required to process payroll information to calculate how much to pay the employee and how much to pay for payroll taxes. Employees may earn remuneration on a weekly (Wages) or monthly basis (Salaries). Other matters that are also recorded in a payroll system are overtime, leave accruals, leave taken, commission earned, deductions (such as medical aid contributions) and payroll taxes.

Payroll services include:


  1. Processing the payroll information
  2. Provide monthly Payroll Reports
  3. Payslip Processing
  4. Submission of UI19 form to Department of labour


Our services include:

Income Tax (Company/Trust/CC):

  1. Prepare and submit 1st and 2nd provisional tax returns to SARS
  2. Prepare and submit annual income tax returns to SARS

Payroll Taxes:

  1. Monthly preparation and submission of EMP 201 form to SARS
  2. Payment notification for the business to pay the taxes due
  3. Bi-annually prepare and submit an EMP501 declaration to SARS


  1. Collate the required documents
  2. Prepare and submit VAT 201 declaration to SARS


Financial information that you can base decisions on.

Management Reports

Business decisions require reliable financial information. Management reports, tailored to your requirement, provide sound financial information to base business decisions on.

Monthly reports will vary depending on the needs and growth phase of your business and may include:

  1. Income Statement (Xero)
  2. Balance Sheet (Xero)
  3. Income Statement analysis
  4. Balance Sheet analysis
  5. Customer and Supplier Age Analysis

We can also meet on a monthly basis with your management team to review the reports, discuss trends and provide insight into the financial performance of your business.